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On this program, Emmy Award-winning host Steve Adubato talks candidly about the media's coverage, or lack of coverage, of important public issues. This is part of a three-part series exploring the opportunities and obstacles faced by the media in promoting a more informed and active citizenry in New Jersey. The panel of media experts examines how the public learns about important campaign issues and the media's role in reporting that information. Are journalists relying too much on information supplied from political camps? Is the media underestimating what the public wants to know and providing " sexy sound-bites" rather than a critical analysis of a candidate's proposed policies and positions? Additionally this panel of experts from print, television, radio and academia consider ways that institutions can work together to coordinate educational efforts that best serve the public interest.

Katherine Barrett Carter

Sandra Lilley

Dr. Lawrence Londino

Doug Doyle

Linda Schmidt

Katherine Barrett Carter - A Star-Ledger editorial writer and member of its Editorial Board.

Linda Schmidt – Reporter and Anchor at WNYW FOX 5 News in New York.

Dr. Lawrence Londino - Professor and Chair of the Department of Broadcasting at Montclair State University.

Doug Doyle - News Director at WBGO, a public radio station.

Sandra Lilley – A freelance television producer working with NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, and our non-profit organization, the Caucus Educational Corporation.


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