Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato


Probing the Press


Emmy Award-winning host Steve Adubato hosts this half-hour program which explores the media coverage of the 2005 New Jersey Gubernatorial race by examining the journalism industry and the complex decision-making that determines which issues become news and which do not. A panel of media experts from print, radio and television, as well as a policy analyst candidly examine the role of the media in covering political campaigns. The discussion considers such factors as how and why journalists decide which issues to cover, the extent to which a candidate's private life should be exposed, and the press' responsibility to provide a critical analysis of the issues for their public. Using the 2005 gubernatorial election coverage as a backdrop, the panel of media experts examines how the public learns about important campaign issues and the media's role in reporting that information.

Jon Shure

David Chmiel

Eric Scott

Sandra Lilley

Tom Moran

Jon Shure – President of New Jersey Policy Perspective and a former journalist with The Record.

David Chmiel - Editor of New Jersey Monthly magazine.

Sandra Lilley – A freelance television producer working with NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, and our non-profit organization, the Caucus Educational Corporation.

Eric Scott - Vice President of News for Millennium Radio New Jersey heard on 12 stations across the state including 101.5 FM.

Tom Moran – A columnist with The Star-Ledger.

As part of our Democracy Works series, Democratic candidate for Governor, Senator Jon Corzine, answers questions about his “affordability agenda,” education, environmental and healthcare plans. Tune-in to decide whether or not a Corzine Administration is the right choice for New Jersey. For more information;

Doug Forrester, the Republican candidate for Governor of New Jersey, goes "one-on-one" with Emmy-Award winning host Steve Adubato as part of our Democracy Works series. This special in-depth, half-hour interview examines the candidate’s plan for homeland security, property tax relief, education and the environment. Is Forrester the right man for the job? Is Forrester the right man for the job? Tune in, and find out! For more information;


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